Pancreatic enzyme overdose

Just a quick post regarding my large intake of pancreatic enzymes while water fasting on day 6 of my “juice” fast.  So this morning there are differences to the tumor.  These are differences I find heartening.  I do not feel however that these differences where in any way accelerated by my water fasting and pancreatic enzyme overdose.  I will probably do another one day water fast with similar pancreatic enzyme intake in the next few weeks in order to reassess this assumption in a more scientific manner.  In the meantime the pancreatic enzymes I took were.

4 * 4 Creon 25,000:  These are prescription and max strength.  The details of these are limited but are from Pig pancreases (I have taken to having a moments silence to passify the increasingly radical vegan in me)and contain

  • Lipase: 25000 BP units
  • Amylase: 18000 BP units
  • Protease: 1000 Ph.Eur units

4*8 Wobenzym N: These are not prescription and are meant to inflamation controle.  They supposidly have a coating that allows them to pass through the stomach unaltered which is meant to be one of the necisary attributes to getting a large amount of the enzymes utilised by the body.  They contain

  • Pancreatin: 56000 USP units
  • Papain: 492 FIP units
  • Bromelain: 675 FIP units
  • Trypsin: 2160 FIP units
  • Chymotrypsin: 900 FIP units
  • Rutoside trihydrate: 150 mg

I defintly don’t suggest you repeat this experiment without medical advice.  In my case I have very little medical advice that I trust and am in a situation where I need to make decisions about my treatment now.  I have consciously come to a point where I will make my treatment decisions and wear the consiquenses.  I put the information I gather out there so that others may potentialy benefit, but I don’t advise my specific course of action for anybody.  In the end it is your health, get all the information you can, then decide what to do.  Healing for everybody will be unique and so I believe that, in order to get the best results, you need to play a leading role.  

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I am slightly taller than average, have brown hair, enjoy rock climbing, and got told I would be dead within 5 years in 2010. I have chosen to disregard this :P
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