Raw Food – Day 2

Anybody who read this mornings blog will know that today has been a tricky day.  I have had the thought that this may all be due to cravings for cooked food.  Not sure but just a thought.

But onto more important matters, what did I get up to today.

  • 08:30: Lemon juice
  • 09:00: Papaya
  • 10:00: Green smoothie: kale, banana, berries, tahini
  • 11:00: Carrot juice and wheat grass shot
  • 11:30: Green juice
  • 12:30: Moroccan carrot and beetroot prepared in nori served with sesame seeds
  • 1:30: carrot juice
  • 2:30: green juice, almonds and brazil nuts
  • 5:00: left over Moroccan sushi and salad
  • 7:00: Green smoothie
  • 8:00: Capsicum cracker and remains of beet and carrot puree.

And because the Moroccan sushi looked so nice I decided to give my food porn skills some more practice.  The one with the rice is for Amelia and the one with the lettuce is mine.

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Totals for the day:

Calories: 1746 kcal

Calories from fat: 36.5%

fat: 24g

sugar: 144g

Protein: 42g

Fiber: 44.7g

Stats for the day:

Morning weight: 63kg

Morning pH: Urine 7.3 – Saliva not measured

Evening temperature: 36 C

Evening pulse: 74

Evening pH: Urine 7.0 –  saliva 5.75

Mental condition:

So today was hard.  It is very difficult going from being quietly confident to panicking and thinking about running for the exits.  I must admit to having made the swing several times now and it does not get more enjoyable.  However the day did improve.  The food was very satisfying.  I am finding and enjoyment in the preparation of the food that I did not know I would get.  Today I was particularly happy to be able to feed Amelia some of almost the same food as myself with only some small changes.

That being said I am down compared to during the fast.  Obviously I have some issues to do with food that need sorting out (that may be an understatement).  I do have a last-ditch backup plan which is to juice fast indefinitely.  I suspect that will not meet with much enthusiasm from even my staunchest supporters however I figure when you have terminal cancer it does not matter if you die from malnutrition or from bronchitis, you are just as dead at the end of it.  And if the fast holds a chance of a cure I will go with that every time.  Anyway, a somewhat premature thought but one that is there none the less.  It is heartening to note that during the last juice fast I lost a mere 500g in 4 days.  I dare say with a concerted effort I could increase protein by taking more grass powders and increase caloric intake by including a touch more fruit and I would be quite stable.

I am also suffering from the effects of the sleeping pill I took at 2 in the morning.  It has messed with me all day.  I will have to do everything possible to avoid them in future.  I suspect a good strategy would be to do a coffee enema.  Not that that in and of itself would help me sleep but the act of doing something relaxing (I can see the shocked looks on many of my friends faces when I say enema and relaxing in the same sentence) would probably help me get my mind back in order.

General thoughts:

As far as food goes today was actually quite successful.  I did eat too much in the morning, but not nearly as much as day one so I can count that as a win.  Due to my poor mental condition I allowed myself a few luxuries, flax seed oil on my papaya for example, but I figure it is better to have a few small ones rather than a large binge.  That being said I have been trying to stick to food combination laws (a topic for another day) so I guess that was a bit of a slip from me.  I suspect I will do the same tomorrow as it is one of my favourite things.

I did, once again plan to eat far more calories than I actually did.  I planned to eat around 2300, and I ate around 1700.  It will probably be the same for the remainder of the trial.  That does not bother me particularly.  As long as my weight is staying healthy (for me) then I will be happy.

Fat intake today was probably a touch high.  Another example of me being impatient cause sadly, by my 2am panic.  When you are convinced that sugar is your enemy then you are much more likely to pt 2 tbs of tahini in your smoothie then have it be too intense to finish.  But we live and learn.

I have notice that I feel much lighter on this diet.  It sounds so painfully cliché but I am finding a get full quicker only to be hungry again very quickly.  My system doesn’t seem to be put under the stress that it was on even my, quite frankly boring and painfully healthy, vegan diet.  I will wait and see if this trend continues.

One problem that this does lead to is that at night after feeling full at 7 or 7:30, I am hungry again at 8:30.  I need to remind myself that eating late at night is never a good thing, have a nice cup of tea (liquorice of course), then go to bed.

On a quick side not Amelia, who claimed that I had smelt strange since she got back, says that I no longer do so.  What this means I do not know, but it is one more interesting tid bit of information to add the piles I seem to be pouring into this blog.  May internet archaeologists, thousands of years into the future, wonder at the intricacies of my life 😛

Till tomorrow then, may all your meals be satisfying and all your digestive aids succesful.


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I am slightly taller than average, have brown hair, enjoy rock climbing, and got told I would be dead within 5 years in 2010. I have chosen to disregard this :P
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  1. Jessica says:

    The Moroccan sushi looks amaaazing 🙂

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