Raw Food – Day 4

Raw Food – Day 4: It could almost be normal.

I am surprised how simple a raw food diet is turning out to be.  As far as food preparation goes it is very quick and pleasantly easy.  I was expecting complicated recipes in order to to try and copy cooked foods, but as long as you are prepared to change your expectations life can be very simple.

It is strange.  I went to a restaurant tonight for multiple birthdays amongst my resident and visitng family.  During the day, eating raw food felt totally normal.  I did it without really thinking, and didn’t really miss cooked food, or even really think about it.  Because there was nothing but raw food in the fridge, raw food just meant less prep time.

But then I went out to dinner, and came crashing back to reality.  My diet had been hard to feed before, now it was impossible.  In the end I got a salad.  My standard fall back.  And it was a nice salad, don’t get me wrong, but a salad is a salad; it would be nice to be able to go out and not always have a garden salad.  I guess in the end we have to pay a price for some things, and when the product is health, and ultimately life, then it would be a high price that I am not prepared to pay.

So what was on the menu for today?

  • 08:00: Lemon juice
  • 08:45: paw paw, flax-seed oil and flax seeds
  • 9:30: Green smoothie – kale, blueberries, banana
  • 10:15: Green juice
  • 11:00: Carrot juice and wheat grass shot
  • 1:30: Garden Burgers
  • 2:30: Green juice, brazil nuts
  • 4:00: Green Smoothie, spinach, blueberries, raspberries
  • 5:00: Garden Burger Sushi 😛
  • 6:00: green smoothie – spinach and blueberry
  • 7:00: Garden salad with lemon juice and olive oil

Today’s menu was heavily influenced by the leftover “burger mince” from yesterday.  That was not a bad thing as the garden burger sushi was amazing.  Made with the mince, and the pulp from cauliflower and broccoli that resulted from one of the green juices that I had left marinating in apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and lime juice.  Feeling generous I offered a small portion of this delight to my visiting aunt and uncle who where suitably impressed.  Although by no means food lovers, and probably too polite to tell me if they were rubbish it is nice to have some positive feedback.

Totals for the day:

Calories: 1920 kcal

Calories from fat:44.9%

fat: 79g

sugar: 149g

Protein: 55g

Fiber: 59g

Stats for the day:

Morning weight: 64kg

Morning pH: Urine 6.3

Evening temperature: 36.3 C

Evening pulse: 62

Evening pH: Urine 7.3

General Thoughts:

A bit less fat today and a bit more sugar.  Small differences like this probably don’t mean to much however as the error in my calculation is probably to large.

Morning pH appears to be lower, however this might not be true as this is the first day that I have remembered to measure it first thing rather than an hour or so after waking.  The second urination of the day will invariably be more acidic.

Temperature and heart rate have come back down.  Tried a new meditation CD which was really good.  A bit too good at one point as I fell asleep 😛

Apart from that a reasonably uneventful day.  Things starting to settle into a rhythm.  I will endeavor to increase the number of juices as I suspect the 4  have been having is not enough.

I have been having a bit of abdominal pain today.  I am hoping that this is a result of my digestive system having to cope with my slightly too eager end to my fast.  I will monitor it over the next few days.  In the event that it continues I will have to conclude that there is something not right with the diet (fat % maybe? or something I ate) or something more sinister.

My edema has once again got worse.  However before jumping to the conclusion that I am once again over taxing my system I will give it time to work itself out.  Previously when improvements have been made there has been a period of inflammation as the body works things out before a period of rapid improvement.  All I can do is give it time, and if things do not work out in time, I will do something else.

Mental Condition:

Woke up feeling positive.  Good mood maintained itself through much of the day. I am amazed at how my positive visualizations of the future (explained in a blog coming soon) have had unexpected consequences.  I am more confident, and about things that are totally unrelated to the disease.  On the phone I am no longer scared about what the other person will be thinking.  When I look to the future after cancer I am no longer worrying about money and social expectations, but rather excited about my plans and the possabilities that lie in front of me.  This is a big deal for me as I have spent a lot of my life feeling like I was lost walking through thick fog.  It is a nice change.

Be Well 🙂

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I am slightly taller than average, have brown hair, enjoy rock climbing, and got told I would be dead within 5 years in 2010. I have chosen to disregard this :P
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