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Left leg

Left leg Too often I have considered you my second leg. Although the right one was always first to kick and play some of my fondest memories would have been impossible without you. Two specifically spring to mind. Down 2 … Continue reading

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Random update

Home alone. What to do? Hmmm… Sleep. Feel sick, leg stiff, liver painful, temp up, tumours painful, fire crackling (not part of my symptoms). Update done.

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Superficial update

Everything I have to say takes too long and every time I  come to write I am so tired. Maybe I will have more energy tomorrow but right now I just want to go to bed. But of course I … Continue reading

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Random thoughts 1

Words can not express the sorrow I feel. Sorrow for the things I used to love to do. For the joy I used to share with friends. For the dreams of life I created. I can not express the beauty … Continue reading

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Fear of death

My fear of death is fading. I have thought this before. This time it is more truth and less wish. It is scary, but I can not fight my place in this world any longer. I am tired and my … Continue reading

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Untitled short 6

I sit here. Calm and broken. If I had cheese, I would eat it. If I had cake I would eat that too. If I had a cow I would milk it then kill it for its flesh. There is … Continue reading

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Stages of an alternate hair care regime

1: give up all forms of chemical hygiene products as part of an alternate cancer approach. 2: discover that people wash their hair for a reason. 3: stick to your guns as your hair gets increasingly greasy. 4:  think that … Continue reading

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The Plan

So just to counterpoint all the emotional insights I have been posting I will quickly share my plan for the next few weeks. On friday I will be getting the latest natural remedy to cross my path. It’s called artemisinin … Continue reading

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Very EP

I can not keep doing this. I am falling apart. Every day I can see the tumours are bigger. Every day I feel weaker. I panic and turn down a new path only to vere onto a new course seconds … Continue reading

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Two weeks on The Marshall Protocol

So It has been two weeks now on the MP.  I will just do a quick list of summeries as I am heading out (shocking I know :P) Got my pre MP vit D test results back.  D25 came in … Continue reading

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