Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently.  It has sadly been the result of a couple of factors beyond my control.

The first is that I am very very tired from the radiation.  I get up in the mornings around 9:30, head over to my parents place, for breakfast.  This is followed by a coffee enema to try and overcome the constipation caused by the pain killers.  Although this works nicely the resulting “release” is one of the most uncomfortable points of my day as anybody who has experienced the rapid swap between constipation and diarrhoea will attest.  I follow this up with a nap that usually lasts around two hours.  Then I stumble downstairs to the TV and watch whatever I can find in the documentary sphere to try and take my mind of how uncomfortable I am (in order to push back the time when I take my first pain killers.) Then I have to head into the hospital for treatment.  This is actually going very well and I no longer experience the mind bending pain that I had to go through at the beginning.  This is just another indication that the treatment is working.  Then I get dropped back at Aranda and will proceed to either play some xbox or read a book depending on the quality of my book at the time.  This is less to do with engaging in those activities and more to do with being able to sit and perform something that does not envolve taxing thought processes as those tend to tire me out.

So sadly in that mix I find it difficult to muster the energy to break out the computer and write a blog post.  “But”, I hear you saying, “you can blog on your phone can’t you.  Surely you can just bust that out and give a quick update”.  Well that is very astute of you, and yes I could have.  Notice the past tense in that last sentence.  Not a slip by me sadly, my phone decided last weekend that it would strike out for a better life, presumably in the same place that my pens and socks have been going to for years.  I didn’t lose the phone, it simply vanished.  I used it to listen to some music during a meditation in my room at Dickson.  Then I put it down beside my bed and went downstairs and watched a program with my dad.  Then I went back up to get the phone and it was gone.  We have since turned my house upside down to try and find it with no luck.  I can only assume that it is Gods way of telling me it is time to get a shiny new phone with exciting features that I neither need nor know how to use.

So that is the reason for the lack of blogging.  Poor excuses but they are the only ones I have so they will have to do.  Besides that what is new with me?  Well I am experiencing what half my readers will no doubt cringe in sympathy at, (and maybe more than half who knows,) a burnt scrotum.  The radiation is hitting the edge of this area of very sensitive skin with uncomfortable results.  However with good management this has not been too bad.  It is definitely something I would rather not have to deal with.

I am tossing the idea around in my mind of an outdoor climbing trip.  I am weak as a new born kitten but I want so badly to get back on some rock that even running up a few low teen slabs would be amazingly god fun.  Anybody who is interested in heading out with me hit me up (either by email or using my phone late next week as obviously I do not have one atm.)

I wrote a small piece about hope while waiting for the doctor the other day. I will transcribe it into electrons after this and post it sometime this evening.  Stick around, its a good one 😛

Thanks to Cristi and Subdha for their very nice iTunes gift the other day which I a listening to it at the moment.  It is greatly appreciated 🙂

Stay real peeps.


About jeromepink

I am slightly taller than average, have brown hair, enjoy rock climbing, and got told I would be dead within 5 years in 2010. I have chosen to disregard this :P
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4 Responses to Update

  1. Hannah says:

    Wonderful to hear from you, J-man! Had to have a bit of a giggle about your “quality of the book” comment. And I wish I could recommend watching Ellen to get your mind off other things, but you’re probably classier than I am when it comes to daytime tv 😉


  2. Sam says:

    Mate I just love the fact that you are contemplating climbing, wish I was able to head out with you.

  3. Sabdha says:

    I hate that ‘I want to blog but just can’t find energy/time’ feeling. I have it a lot – for different reasons, obviously. I hope you like the music. It’s an eclectic mix, but each track is dear to our hearts.xx

  4. So glad to see this Jerome as I was starting to bother about the silence, albeit I know how hard it must be at times to muster up the energy to feed your fans in cyberspace.

    Do hope you get some climbing in. There’s nothing like doing something you love.

    Oh and love the comment about the phone features you “neither need nor know how to use” though how a self-respecting Gen y-er could say that beats me!

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