I am crying a lot again. It would be rare to go 6 hours without breaking down. My breathing has for the first time become truly difficult. I have an appointment at peter mac next week. I always liked the quote “be good, and if you can’t be good be lucky”. Despite my best efforts I was either not good enough our not good at all. It has come time to be lucky. So really the last glimmer of hope is that pm will have some new miracle cure. Sadly I suspect that they do, but it will not be available to me. I have come to the conclusion that I got sick just 10 years too early. I can see all the markers that rhabdo will be curable in just a short spell of time. Sadly it will almost certainly be too late for me.
So, here is to luck, may it show itself on wednesday. Until then crying will act as therapy.

About jeromepink

I am slightly taller than average, have brown hair, enjoy rock climbing, and got told I would be dead within 5 years in 2010. I have chosen to disregard this :P
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8 Responses to Crying

  1. Ro says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Oh Jerome, it has nothing to do with goodness as I know you know – because if that were the case you’d be well right now. I hope with all my heart that luck is on your side. Good luck at pm.

  3. Sabdha says:

    Good schmood. If only it were that simple, or we had that much power over our own destinies. I’m crying right along with you Jerome. And I wish so desperately that I really did have the power to heal you. But as I don’t, I will hope like hell that Peter Mac have something useful to offer you.

  4. Hannah says:

    Oh god, if only we could make it just about goodness, because then this never ever would have been forced on you in the first place, ever. Ever. No one who has brought so much joy and laughter and love to those around him could ever be thought of as not being worthy of only the good things in this world. Fingers and toes and everything crossed, Jerome. Thinking of you.

  5. Natalie Franco says:

    Luck be with you on Wednesday!
    Let us know how it goes.

  6. Meghan says:

    Everyone said everything that I would have said. So I’ll just say good luck at PM!

  7. Gabrielle Pink says:

    We are hoping with all our hearts that luck shows her hand on Wednesday, love from the Brisbane Pinks.

  8. Claudia Morris says:

    Thnking of you Jerome. Hope Melbourne goes welll for you.

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