Climbing continues to make me sad.  It represents so much that I don’t want to leave behind.  Love of nature, friends, self and fancy equipment that I can spend lots of time researching 😛

I joke but I do get sad.  I see a picture of climbing and I am sad.  Very sad.  I talk about climbing and I am sad.  I would give all my money for one day climbing with my friends the way I used to.  To all those who I love who climb, enjoy it for me.  Maybe once in a while remember how much I loved to be out at the cliff and let yourself really enjoy the moment.  These are the special moments that can bring so much joy.  You just need to be present for them. To all those who don’t climb, you are crazy.

I am pretty happy most of the time these days.  But the loss of climbing makes me sad.

About jeromepink

I am slightly taller than average, have brown hair, enjoy rock climbing, and got told I would be dead within 5 years in 2010. I have chosen to disregard this :P
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  1. Now this makes me laugh – a little – Jerome. You can keep your climbing! I can imagine how beautiful it is, but I think I’ll keep to something more sedate like bushwalking or ballroom dancing for my special moments.

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