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A Message from Amelia

As bad as things were getting, I was always fiercely optimistic that I would never have to post something on Jerome’s blog on his behalf. I am devastated to deliver the tragic news that the love of my life has … Continue reading

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I am very tired. I sleep about 12 hours a day but I am still tired. My pain is down, then it is up again. I an struggling to get a grip on the situation. Things look good, but I … Continue reading

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Wake, eat, radiation, sleep, eat, sleep, move, take pills, recover, eat, watch tv, sleep. And again. And again. I tire of this. I tire of that. Yet sleep is already dominant.

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My leg hurts. I am exhausted all the time. The tumours are shrinking but my god they are leaving a mess behind. I feel sick. I feel depressed. I just want to curl up in a ball and not talk … Continue reading

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My pain levels have gone though the roof. I wake up and have a headache caused by all the pain killers  from the previous day. I drag myself out of bed on one and a half legs. The constipation is … Continue reading

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toasted cheese

Just had a toasted cheese sandwich.  AMAZING.  However I don’t think I will be having them too often as it is not sitting well 😛  I guess in the end there is a reason a lot of people have problems with … Continue reading

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I think the time has come to ease my diet a bit. Not too much. I still think it is important. But at the same time a love of life is very important too. I have lost so many things … Continue reading

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