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Raw Food – Day 1

Raw Food – Day 1: Let the experiment begin. And the diet for today is… 7:30:  Lemon juice 8:00: Papaya, served with cinnamon and fennel seads 9:00: green smoothie made with banana, berries and kale (lots of kale :P) 10:00: carrot and … Continue reading

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Expensive Cancer Drugs

A small insight into the world of cancer drugs and how much money is at stake from their sale: Now I am not a big one for conspiracies.  I firmly believe that Elvis is dead, that man has walked on … Continue reading

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Post fast diet building

So an important part of the life of any cancer patient who wants to try and aid their own healing has to be their diet.  To add to the overuse of the following quote “Let food be thy medicine and … Continue reading

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Pancreatic enzyme overdose

Just a quick post regarding my large intake of pancreatic enzymes while water fasting on day 6 of my “juice” fast.  So this morning there are differences to the tumor.  These are differences I find heartening.  I do not feel … Continue reading

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Breaking a fast

So day 7 has arrived (day 11 if you count the first 4 days of brown rice and mung bean fast) and my body is telling me its time to break the fast.  This morning I felt really tired, short of breath, … Continue reading

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Fast day 6 – now magically a water fast

So I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “you know what would be a great idea?  Let’s make this day 6 of my juice fast a water fast instead.  I can take all the load of my digestive … Continue reading

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juice fast – day 5 update update

Feel panicked, can’t sit still. Would happily kill somebody for something other than green juice. Nothing distracts me. Heading out now, going to be tough to keep it together. Hope this is good for me. Sometimes it is easy to … Continue reading

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